Well Grover that’s a good question, I have not taken time to take a look at EOS specifications and didn’t try yet to start a network with. I will update this article if I have the occasion. But still the important thing is to choose the tech adapted to your project and to fail fast. I had the occasion to push dipper in hyperledger for example, and even if specs and product is good, there is still some use cases like distant network nodes not totally well documented and packaged. Another example is the Amazon aws hyperledger bootstrap, a real shitty implementation. So if EOS seams to be the good tech on paper for your idea, test it on a quick poc to see if limits exists that are not yet documented, and try to design your network and see if EOS permit it (for example, public nodes not bootstraped by you).

Fullstack software engineer @Oui.sncf. I love discovering new technologies. Tech is as important as his usage.

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